Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ohhh, Chihuahua!

Hello, people. I am back once again and yes, another top five countdown for our Chihuahua-loving pleasure. This time I am here with some of our more well-known cute and cuddly canines that you might see via movies or television. Though there are more famous Chis out there, and I am sorry I left out "Wheely Willy"--the fictional paraplegic Chihuahua; I decided to stick with the dogs which left more of a dent in pop culture.

So here we go:

As much as I tried and tried and researched to include any other Chi, I had to include the well-known Tinkerbell; owned and pampered by America's pride and joy: Paris Hilton. Apparently she has a partner in crime named Bambi but I am making an exception for only ONE of a celebutante's accessories. I think at one point Tinkerbell went missing for like a day but if I had my own mansion for a dog house, I'd wanna come back too! I also really liked the parody of Paris and Tink portrayed in the show, "South Park." Y'all can probably find it easily on the Youtube.

Ah, Ren Hoek from our favorite 1990s "kid's" show: "Ren and Stimpy." Not much I can say about Ren other than that the show was pretty disgusting.

So some of you might be stumped about this specific famous Chihuahua, but Boo Boo here was considered the world's smallest dog in 2007 by the Guinness Book of World Records. Here she is pictured with the tallest dog in the world: a Great Dane named Gibson. She had been going up against another small, smooth-coated Chi named Ducky. But Boo Boo beat out Ducky for the smallest by a mere .6 inches in height. Although--DUN! DUN! DUN!--Ducky in fact weighs less with an average weight of 1.4 pounds; Boo Boo weighs 1.5 pounds. Such a fatty.

Oh yes I did! Here we have Bruiser, a.k.a. Moonie, from everyone's favorite movie: "Legally Blonde." This Chi is cute as a button and probably the most stylish, all thanks to the fashion savviness of Elle Woods. Anyone up for a "Legally Blonde 3" anytime soon?

And finally... the most famous of them all: Gidget, the Taco Bell dog. Now see, as a almost graduate of advertising, I believe that the usage of this dog and the tagline: "Yo Quiero Taco Bell" is probaby some of the best advertising I have ever seen. Usually when people see a Chihuahua, they always say: "Oh look, a Taco Bell dog!" Now tell me that that's not good branding: associating the whole breed that is your spokesdog with the restaurant. But I guess we'll never see the ressurection of this great campaign. Poor Gidg' died in 2009 T_T. May she rest in peace.
Ugh, now I've worked myself up!

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